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people in the chat are being extremely vulgar
I just voted for the username 'TopVoter'. Lawl.
Two slimezillas and a giant in one dvz game... GG :3
You get a cookie. :sick:
Do I get a prize for being the top voter on this website? :3 [link]
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Winter Sale

[A] bowser123467 a posted Dec 21, 14
Happy Holidays! Everything in the shop is 35% off! I am on an iPad so I'll make it quick. Expect updates to DvZ not soonish but I have some cool ideas for guardian. New game mode in the pipeline to replace factions. Cya guys enjoy your break!
Ningabird88 gooooooosh its torture to not know what the new gamemode actually is D:
Poco_88 new face on bowser i see - lookin good. =] I'm hoping the new gamemode is a survival with golden shovel and access to ...
goldenkia98765 Dude thanks Tyler i was getting tired of only getting to play dvz and skyblock! btw can u add a "Switch to Knight&q ...

Black Friday Sale

[A] bowser123467 a posted Nov 28, 14
Black Friday Sale!!

Skylord and Gold package are both 33% off until the 1st of December! Merry Christmas everyone!

The factions map can be dowloaded HERE

Factions may return one day but for now it is gone.

If you donated please email tylerhasman10@hotmail.com for your free donator pack in either skyblock or DvZ
[M] herobrine102245 Unknown- if you're using a pc then just go online and download WinZip. It'll open the world for you, and extract the map ...
Unknown000001 How do you us it? I know nothing about WinZip
Unknown000001 Could someone put coords of bases so I can find other peeps bases and improve them instead of having to my own work? ...
We are moving to a new server. Don't worry all your perks and points will be saved. Also we will no longer be running factions. We will release the factions maps so that you may still work on your creations. 

To compensate anyone that donated to factions please email tylerhasman10@hotmail.com and you will be credited with a DvZ or Skyblock donor pack.

Factions may one day return but at the moment it could not keep itself running. Sorry guys!


Server has been fully integrated, once the IP updates you will all be able to connect. Have a nice day and have fun playing :)


Server is functionally running!
GoldenKiwiBird_ I actually never played factions. :( But downloaded the map, and it seemed like a nice gamemode.
[M] BlazeDragon_ I don't think I was on factions for more than a second, but R.I.P.
Tylo0047 I only knew factions for 2 weeks but let me say those two week I will remember forever
Server will be down later tonight around 10PM to 11PM PST

Sorry about this if you wanted to play. We are backing up data and don't want anything to corrupt itself.

Thanks for understanding

SalamanderSr hello guys
[M] superfrost123 Such pain has been had....... a whole week O_o. ;-;
1parker10 Minetenance for 1.8??