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I think Skyblock is down/crashed
Drew, he requested a replacement, not to bring it back.
Enderman isn't going to be replace, the problem is that he crashes the game when he makes portal. So in a nutshell the Devs are going to prevent the crashing from happening, and if need to recode enderman.
Someone entertain me please
They should add custom mobs for the replace of the enderman. :sick:
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Greetings everyone!

I never thought I would be making a post about increasing prices. I feel that the prices we charge for packages are fair and they have kept the server running for a long time, so hey why change them?

Currently the US dollar is worth way more than the Canadian dollar. This has caused the actual amount many Americans have been paying to be much, much lower than before. Until recently the US dollar has been basically equal to the Canadian dollar, because of this it never occured to me to offset the prices by a little whenever it changes. 

However, the recent fluctuations of the US dollar have made it harder to support the server. A large percent of donations come from America and I can't ignore losing 10$ every donation. 


I want to make sure everyone knows that this isn't me trying to grab a little extra from everyones pockets. When the US dollar and Canadian dollar equalize again I will change the prices back. 

To put this into perspective, the gold donation package used to be paying for about have the servers monthly payment, now it barely pays for a third. I understand if many of you are upset... I am as well.


_42MoustacheMen_ Well, at least I have my $7 rank already. But anything to keep my favorite (not biased) server here ! ...
[M] Herobrine102245™ o Meh, prices change when they change. And donations to the server do keep it running, like Mullet said, which is great. H ...
[JA] Mullet_ Do what you have to do to keep the server running Keep it up ...

UPDATE 2: If your missing perks post here  yell

UPDATE 1: Thank you for all those who reported missing perks. I will be unable to process the perks until about tuesday. 

If your missing your rank or perks/points then do the following to get them back.


Email tylerhasman10@hotmail.com with the following form:


Old Username:

Current Username OR UUID: UUID can be found here http://mcuuid.net/


Happy Playing tongue-out

Skibomber59 LMAO The end of the world IS COMING our human hearts are easily susceptible to these dancing elephants and will GO BOOM ...
Ningabird88 I hope we're not teaching elephants how to evolve,then we're screwed and the end of the world is nigh
[M] Herobrine102245™ o Hmm...playful elephants. Bowser's seducing plan must be working ...

Winter Sale

[A] Bowser__ a posted Dec 21, 14
Happy Holidays! Everything in the shop is 35% off! I am on an iPad so I'll make it quick. Expect updates to DvZ not soonish but I have some cool ideas for guardian. New game mode in the pipeline to replace factions. Cya guys enjoy your break!
DwarfsCraftTyler It's past next monday
Ningabird88 gooooooosh its torture to not know what the new gamemode actually is D:

Black Friday Sale

[A] Bowser__ a posted Nov 28, 14
Black Friday Sale!!

Skylord and Gold package are both 33% off until the 1st of December! Merry Christmas everyone!

The factions map can be dowloaded HERE

Factions may return one day but for now it is gone.

If you donated please email tylerhasman10@hotmail.com for your free donator pack in either skyblock or DvZ
[M] Herobrine102245™ o Unknown- if you're using a pc then just go online and download WinZip. It'll open the world for you, and extract the map ...
Stryfe_ How do you us it? I know nothing about WinZip
Stryfe_ Could someone put coords of bases so I can find other peeps bases and improve them instead of having to my own work? ...