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I have a feeling Bowser just abandoned this server :/ js dont wanna be mean but most likely
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It was a good run

[A] Bowser__ a posted Jun 9, 15

Hey everybody.

Sorry it has to end now but it was inevitable. The server ran out of money and I couldn't pay for it to keep running. I've been with the server since the beginning and I love it as much as you guys. This isn't the end for DvZ as I will be trying to get it onto another larger server so that the flame wont die out. 

Bye now


We will be returning !


You can download the skyblock map here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/sudy77xw5456766/skyblocknew.rar

lincoln50000 i havent played on dwarfcraft for a few months because of a scammer and when i checked the forums(as a usually do before ...
SquashyOhio746 Well dang, I haven't played on the server in a while, but when i came back I was just thinking that my internet was mess ...
V15 Dwarfscraft looks like a phoenix, dies and comes back

UPDATE 2: If your missing perks post here  yell

UPDATE 1: Thank you for all those who reported missing perks. I will be unable to process the perks until about tuesday. 

If your missing your rank or perks/points then do the following to get them back.


Email tylerhasman10@hotmail.com with the following form:


Old Username:

Current Username OR UUID: UUID can be found here http://mcuuid.net/


Happy Playing tongue-out

dragon_223 wow look at this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Z2O8s-_Szw ...
Skibomber59 LMAO The end of the world IS COMING our human hearts are easily susceptible to these dancing elephants and will GO BOOM ...
Last_Esclispe I hope we're not teaching elephants how to evolve,then we're screwed and the end of the world is nigh

Winter Sale

[A] Bowser__ a posted Dec 21, 14
Happy Holidays! Everything in the shop is 35% off! I am on an iPad so I'll make it quick. Expect updates to DvZ not soonish but I have some cool ideas for guardian. New game mode in the pipeline to replace factions. Cya guys enjoy your break!
DwarfsCraftTyler It's past next monday
Not0fThisWorld Myst told me to bug you for DoD. RELEASE IT BY NEXT MONDAY OR I'LL TELL PEOPLE WHAT IT IS!!!! MUAHAHAHA
Last_Esclispe gooooooosh its torture to not know what the new gamemode actually is D:

Black Friday Sale

[A] Bowser__ a posted Nov 28, 14
Black Friday Sale!!

Skylord and Gold package are both 33% off until the 1st of December! Merry Christmas everyone!

The factions map can be dowloaded HERE

Factions may return one day but for now it is gone.

If you donated please email tylerhasman10@hotmail.com for your free donator pack in either skyblock or DvZ
[M] HeroBot Unknown- if you're using a pc then just go online and download WinZip. It'll open the world for you, and extract the map ...
Not0fThisWorld How do you us it? I know nothing about WinZip
Not0fThisWorld Could someone put coords of bases so I can find other peeps bases and improve them instead of having to my own work? ...